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The 70 charter public schools across Massachusetts are incredibly varied. Some schools serve students as young as 4 years old, and others serve older youth up to age 21. Each school has a unique model and approach to education, from Montessori models to early college models, and many more. Located in varied geographies all across the state, our schools are themselves as diverse as the communities that they serve. Yet, despite all the ways in which our schools differ from one another, the charter public school sector is united in its mission to provide all kids with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to succeed beyond their K-12 education – in college, career, and life. 

High-quality education opens doors – creating access to opportunity and enabling a life of choice. Through their robust programs, charter public schools expose students to many future pathways and possibilities. But it’s not simply about exposure. Our schools also help students get experience in both college and career settings, building young people’s confidence that they can succeed in whatever their chosen postsecondary path may be. 

In celebration of this year’s soon-to-be charter alumni and the dedicated schools that support them on the path to success in college, career, and life, I am honored to share with you today the stories of two Massachusetts charter public schools working diligently to help students cultivate not only the drive to pursue their dreams, but the confidence and skills necessary to make those dreams a reality. 

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Tim Nicolette
Executive Director, Massachusetts Charter Public School Association


"My son has been enrolled in NHCS for two years, as a junior and senior in high school. I realized early on that attending a charter public school would better prepare him for college and I was absolutely correct! NCHS has been critical in preparing him for his next level of education. Their faculty genuinely cares about his education. He and I are ecstatic about his attending college! And it was with the support of NHCS!”

 - Parent
Neighborhood House Charter School


MCPSA Spotlight:
Preparing Students for their Futures

Building an Early College High School

Veritas Prep Charter School has been educating middle school students in Springfield since 2012. In the fall of 2022, the school added an early college high school in response to demand from the community. Today, Veritas Prep students earn college credits free of charge while in high school, preparing them to achieve in college and even offering them the opportunity to graduate from Veritas Prep with both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree.

A Culture of College and Support

Boston Collegiate, a charter public school in Dorchester that serves students in grades 5-12, describes its mission as simple yet ambitious: to prepare every child for college. The school’s “culture of college” begins in the early grades and continues with academic and life skills preparation and personalized college and career counseling in high school. Following graduation, Boston Collegiate alumni continue to have access to a dedicated staff member, helping to ensure their continued success.


Our Schools in the News


[Watch] Boston students experience solar eclipse, "memories are going to last forever", CBS News
Featuring Conservatory Lab Charter School

For students at the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston, 93% coverage of the sun did not disappoint. After classes let out, they ran outside for a special solar eclipse viewing event behind the school. "The moon just happens to be at the exact spot to cover the sun. Maybe there's a little something mysterious involved," said 12-year-old Marla Sobotka. It was a lesson they couldn't have learned in any classroom. 

A dark day in the park: Hundreds gather for total eclipse, Salem News
Featuring Salem Academy Charter School

But for Salem Academy, there was more to the afternoon than staring at the sun. Science teachers prepared the whole school for lessons and activities to plant a seed that can grow once the sunlight returned. [...] “It’s once-in-a-lifetime, amazing,” seventh grader Farzeen Ahmed said. “It’s a huge impact on our science understanding because it’s a real-world experience, and we’re seeing it live, not just on a computer screen.”

Star Burst: PCSS Student Isam Khorsi Honored for Exceptional Performance on MCAS, Revere Journal
Featuring Pioneer Charter School of Science

Malik Khorsi said the family is very proud of Isam and credits PCSS for its outstanding teachers and the school’s encouragement to excel in all areas. “Pioneer is an amazing school,” said Mr. Khorsi. Said Isam, “I have great teachers and great classmates at Pioneer. They really inspire me. I also want to thank my parents. They’re very helpful and supportive.”



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