Today (and Every Day) We Thank Our Teachers!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

I invite you to take a moment to think about your favorite teacher of all time. Close your eyes, and remember: What made that teacher so special? Maybe they sparked a vibrant passion in you that led you to your current career. Maybe they saw potential and value in you that others, perhaps even you, had not seen. Maybe they gave abundantly of their time and their love.

It is no secret that teaching is challenging. Our teachers are asked to do and be so very much. Over the past few years in particular, nearly every teacher I know has been asked why, with so many options, they choose to teach.

Recently, we asked five of our teachers this very question: Why do you love being a charter public school teacher? Today, we’re excited to share a sneak peak of some of their powerful responses. 


Each day next week, in celebration of National Charter Schools Week, we will share one of these teacher’s personal stories. The stories, like the teachers themselves, are deeply impactful. I hope you’ll follow along.

Until then:

  • To our 3,900 passionate, dedicated, creative MA charter public school teachers: Thank you. We are deeply grateful for all the ways in which you ensure your students receive the very best education. You are truly making a difference each and every day.
  • To those of you who are not teachers: I encourage you to take time this week to reach out and thank a teacher. Any teacher I know would tell you that the very best gift is not a mug filled with candies or a World’s Best Teacher pin. It’s authentic gratitude. Spread the gratitude far and wide this week. I know I will. 

See you next Monday for the debut of our first feature teacher story!


Tim Nicolette
Executive Director, Massachusetts Charter Public School Association



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